Sunday, November 21, 2010

Major update LoL Builder

A lot of changes in new version! I have finally implemented Masteries page. Include 3 trees with all descriptions and stats. Masteries are also countable with other statistics like items and champion chats. Now whole application is fully done to test dreamed builds ;-)
LoL Builder is updated to League of Legends version with new champion Irelia and corrected other things.

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Larry said...

Defensive tree is not allowing me to add skills

Anonymous said...

RUNE: flat life reg per 5 sec is not working correct. it should add 0.27 lifereg and you implemented 2.7 instead . this is for glyphs and Seals ! pls correct it ! i love lifereg ^^

Anonymous said...

Can you make converter to convert old files .lolbuilder to new version? Because i can't import old version ;/

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