Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First release of LoL Builder

I have completed LoL Builder for Android, where we can make simulation statistics of our favourite champion. For now my database include all champions from League of Legends game and all items with descriptions. What I have to do next is to implement runes and do masteries tree.
This version is based on v1.0.0.97 League of Legends

 Just look at screens

Feel free to comment it here, and eventually post bugs/glitches

Application is 100% free so enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe create that program for non-symbian models ? :)
I cannot mark it, buts idea is good.

Waterbubblez said...

Amazing, i love it! great job man!

Waterbubblez said...

Would love to see a save build feature, I have made so many but i would love to save them and load them in the future.

Viish said...
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Viish said...

Maybe could be great adding a way to save/load builds.

Simon said...

Looks goods. Would be nice if you could upload it to Android Market place as it would be a lot easier to install and maintain the patches/updates for us all.

MirKanos said...

So nice!

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